Artificial intelligence to improve your social media

You can finally focus on your business and let Asters’ AI
help you save time and get more results on social media.

Why Asters?

In a mission to provide smart resources
helping to improve results on social media.
Artificial intelligence in your hands

Sit back and let our artificial intelligence create extraordinary content for your social posts.

Easier and faster than from within social networks

Speed and ease of use are our top priority.

Designed and created for businesses and professionals

We know your daily problems and challenges very well.

Customer service loved by our clients

Our team of experts by your side to help you using Asters at full potential.

Graphic editor within everyone’s reach

Create eye-catching visual content for your social profiles in minutes, quickly and easily, without graphic design skills.

Post captions in 5 secs, by our AI

Stop wasting hours thinking on what to write.
Let Asters AI suggest you extraordinary captions specific for your social posts in a blink of an eye.

AI-generated captions specific for your post’s goal.
AI-generated captions including spacing and punctuation,
in AIDA model (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action).

Emojis included and in context with the topic of your post 😲

#Hashtags are already assigned to your top caption’s keywords.
AI-generated captions specific for your post’s goal.
AI-generated captions including spacing and punctuation,
in AIDA model (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action).

Emojis included and in context with the topic of your post 😲

#Hashtags are already assigned to your top caption’s keywords.

We got to know the people behind Asters, a super team that works with professionalism, commitment, great enthusiasm, and a desire to create and innovate.

Giulia and Silvia
Owners and designers in Paffi

Manage all your content from one place

Post content directly onto Instagram Business profiles.


Post content directly onto Facebook pages and groups.


Post content directly onto LinkedIn personal profiles and LinkedIn pages.


Post content directly onto Twitter profiles.

Google MyB

Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Let’s post together in 5 steps
Let’s post together in
5 steps

Select the social profile on which you would like to post.

Our artificial intelligence creates ready-to-use captions for your post in seconds.

Choose or create your media with our user-friendly graphic editor.
Quick and easy.

Customize your post for each social channel.

Schedule in advance your post on multiple social channels.

I chose Asters months ago because of the ease of use and the ability to post to several channels at once.
Then I discovered text generation with artificial intelligence and I can't get enough of it.
Also live chat support is great.

Cristian Buzzi
Owner of Affi Tennis
Cristian Buzzi
Owner of Affi Tennis

The power of our artificial intelligence at your fingertips, to improve your results on social media

5 stars for the team's helpfulness

5 stars for the team's helpfulness and desire to create a product that can be really useful. Asters is destined for success, it is constantly improving and growing and I am sure it will achieve this goal. Ad maiora!

Recensione #1

Great tool

I give kudos to this platform, discovered by chance I was immediately impressed with the functions and very intuitive interface. Also great chat support for any need. A young tool, but with great potential, Italian company so another point in their favor. Service I recommend to everyone, marketers, social media managers and companies.

Recensione #2

Excellent platform very easy to use

Great platform very easy to use and intuitive allows you to manage many social channels very easily, also the support is really very helpful and quick to respond. A word of advice ... it is worth to try it!

Recensione #3

Great platform and top support

I learned about Asters through a sponsored post on Facebook and signed up to improve the management of my Instagram profile. I am really pleased with both the interface, which is clean and easy to understand, and (most importantly) with the assistance the folks at Asters give.

Recensione #4

I am doing very well

I get along very well, the few times I use it a week it manages to simplify the work, I would recommend it to everyone.

Recensione #5

Outstanding service!

An outstanding service! The ability to schedule Instagram posts from a PC and on an Italian tool is really great. I save a lot of time and have everything under control. But what makes Asters special is the chat support, ready to solve problems and give advice always kindly. I highly recommend Asters!!!

Recensione #6

Speed and scheduling

I use Asters to manage the social media for an amateur soccer club. Asters allows me to organize my posts and speed up the time to upload material to the different club pages. It is very simple and intuitive to use.

Recensione #7

Futuristic social media program

It is fascinating how with artificial intelligence you can generate texts as if they were written by an expert! Also great tool as a text generator for social posts.

Recensione #8

Some of the companies and professionals using Asters

We are by your side

In a rapidly changing world, at Asters we feel it is essential to create an environment of open sharing and rapport between our clients and us, valuing empathy and transparency.